EmPlastrum system

With EmPlastrum system patients can have treatment everywhere. EmPlastrum team has developed different size patches with integrated UVB LED's which are flexible and patients can easily put on their damaged skin places and treat it. 

They would be able to treat several skin places at one time

Avoid unnecessary UVB rays

Do other activities during the treatment


About EmPlastrum

EmPlastrum mission is to shift treatment from hospitals to home. Treat it differently.

EmPlastrum was founded in 2019 by a group of engineers and dermatologists who wanted to create a better way for psoriasis treatment. More than 125 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. Due to the fact, that it is an autoimmune skin disease - it never goes away.


Our family members also have psoriasis, so we know how painful it is and with what treatment problems they face. Our team has developed patches for psoriasis treatment and we believe that the EmPlastrum system will let people live much higher quality lives. We enable them to have mobility, increased productivity and overall happiness.



Innovative product


Intensyvi verslumo bei produkto vystymo akceleravimo  programa

Kodėl verta dalyvauti startuolių pre-akceleravimo programoje „Evolut 4.0“? Savo patirtimi dalinasi žvynelinei gydyti skirto sprendimo kūrėjas Aurimas Mazūras.

Most innovative product of the year award


The most innovative product of the year

Congratulations to the teams developing innovative products! Thanks to all startups who have participated in #KaunasScienceandTechnologyPark festive event and presented the nominated innovation! Winners:  “EmPlastrum” LED plasters for psoriasis treatment

Silicon valley competition 3rd. place


KTU studentai Silicio slėnyje sėkmingai pristatė idėją žvynelinei gydyti

Kasmetiniame „Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge“ konkurse, kurį organizuoja San Jose State University (Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos) Kauno technologijos universiteto (KTU) studentų projektas pripažintas vienas geriausių ir atrinktas į TOP 3.